Welcome to the website of charity action „Bakery In Nepal”!

We collect funds for our friends from Syabry Bensi village in Nepal . We build a bakery there, targeted on western tourists, which spends all its income for the poorest villagers.

From our travels to Nepal we brought not only pictures but also ideas how to help our Nepalese friends effectively. We didn't want to give them money, what solves problem only in short-term way.

We wanted to give them a fishing rod instead of the fish!

After 1.5 years of intensive work we succeeded in creating a bakery in Himalayan village Syabru Bensi. A big role in that project played the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi - they participated in costs and the whole process.

The locals bake cookies, make bread and even cook... traditional Polish tomato soup there :) The money they earn thanks to the tourists is used for the benefit of the whole community: purchase of medicines and school aids, domiciliary help etc.

Now we need to finish equipping the Bakery, attract as many tourists as we can and organize it as smoothly as possible. We would also like the local community to benefit from the Bakery to the fullest.


Help the Nepalese take matters into their own hands and get out of poverty!